Thursday, 10 September 2015

7*7*7 Challenge

I’ve been tagged by Katy Upperman for the 7*7*7 challenge! Here’s how it works: Post the 7th line on the 7th page of your WIP, followed by the next 7 lines. Then, tag 7 other writers to take part in the challenge too.

The scene below is from ENLIGHTEN, and it might need a little tweaking yet. Also, I cheated and finished my excerpt at the end of a paragraph. Hey, my lines are short! This lands my characters right in the middle of some action while they’re being chased by police and security guards:

Beyond the glass tunnel, Synergy looms around us, its mammoth skyscrapers reaching high into the night, titans of steel and concrete. Lights from traffic, flashing billboards, and neon signs paint the cityscape in a vibrant panorama. I skid to a stop, then whip back my arm and slam the spring-loaded punch against the side. The glass shatters and leaves a gaping hole in the skyway.
Fifteen stories in the air.
“Holy shit!” Evan jumps back from the edge as a blast of wind howls through.
My insides swoop and my knees go weak. Fighting against dizziness and trying desperately not to look down, I shove the punch back in my jacket and pull out a mag-line. It looks like a motorcycle hand grip. “I was really hoping we’d never have to use these.”

I’ll let you guess what happens next. ;)

I’m going to tag Emma Adams, Melanie Stanford, Jennifer Pickerell, Alicia Gregoire, and anyone else who wants to do the challenge. If you’re too busy, feel squeamish about sharing from your WIP, or already took part, don’t feel obligated. But if you’d like to join in, I’d love to read your excerpts!

Okay, this is actually Tokyo, but use your imagination.