Monday, 20 July 2015

Ready. Set. WRITE! Week #7

Welcome back to Ready. Set. WRITE! My co-hosts, Alison Miller, KatyUpperman, Jaime Morrow, Elodie Nowodazkij, and I hope you’re looking forward to yet another productive summer! If you’re new this year and you’re wondering what RSW is all about, it’s a summer long writing intensive for writing, revising, or planning your WIP. It’s also a way to keep each other accountable. Every Monday we’ll share our posts, keeping them brief in order to maximize our writing time and minimize on blogging. Sign up on the linky at one of the host blogs each week, and remember to visit other participants’ blogs to cheer them on as well. For more info on RSW and a link to our lovely stash of buttons, click here.

How I did on last week’s goal(s)

My goal was to work on writing for 12 hours and send out two queries. I more than doubled my writing time, and I emailed two query letters. Gold star for me.

My goal(s) for this week

I’m going to stick with 12 hours of work on revisions, and I’d like to devote at least 4 hours to querying and/or working on a submission package for a publisher that takes sci-fi manuscripts.

A favorite line from my story OR a word or phrase that sums up what I wrote/revised

A stick cracks beneath his boot and a flock of birds, alerted to our presence, bursts from a thicket in a storm of flapping wings. They bolt through the trees overhead, feathers shaking foliage and wild, trilling cries pealing through the canopy. Startled, I jump back and collide with him. He grasps my shoulders and we watch them disappear, leaving bobbing branches in their wake.
Some deep, desperate instinct stabs me.
I wish we could fly after them.

The biggest challenge I faced this week

When writing sci-fi, it’s sometimes hard to keep science-y info short and simple. No one wants to read long, convoluted explanations, but they still have to be plausible. That was a challenge for me this week. The more concise the science (or imaginary science), the more room for kissing scenes. You know, the best kind of chemistry.  ;)

Something I love about my WIP

That I put my characters through hell, emotionally, physically, and in every way possible. I like hard won victories and agonizing defeats, bittersweet relationships worth fighting for, challenging my characters’ beliefs about the world and themselves, and letting those characters hit rock bottom. To me, the most satisfying stories are the ones where characters are stretched to the limits, where they not only risk losing everything  but often do lose everything while struggling to achieve their goals. That’s the type of story I’ve tried to write.

Okay, now onto our giveaway...

I'm pleased to announce that the winner of Elodie's care package is:


Congrats, Liz! Hope this bundle of treats encourages your writing sessions in the second half of RSW! The Rafflecopter for our next giveaway will go up in two weeks, so keep participating to increase your chances of winning!

Thank you all for your awesome comments last week! Your kind words have been my fuel this summer. Happy writing, everyone!


  1. Whoohoo congrats on not only knocking out your goal but obliterating it! Keep up the great work. Also I understand the struggle on the sci-fi as a reader. I'm sure it is hard as an author wanting to seem believable but not like a science text book. You got this!

    Congrats Liz!

  2. Congrats on hitting your goals!! I am seriously in awe of people who write sci fi and come up with those explanations. It is an amazing skill. Loved the excerpt :) Good luck with everything this week!

  3. Congratulations on your goals! And aaaaah, again I'm just going to sit and re-read your excerpt a few times because it's ust so beautifully written. :o Good luck with this week!

  4. I truly believe you have to be really, really mean to your characters to make awesome stories. I love what you wrote about won victories and agonizing defeats, bittersweet relationships. I wish you so much luck in finding an agent or publisher--you are my kind of writer, Erin! :)

  5. Congrats on nailing your goals this week! And, I love your excerpt. I felt like I was there with them. Your worldbuilding challenge I completely relate too. For my UF, I have all this cool worldbuilding and I want it all in the manuscript, but let's be honest--NOT ALL OF IT BELONGS IN THE BOOK. That's what deleted scenes are for, right? Good luck this week!

  6. I LOVE the excerpt and I especially love your thoughts on making the science concise so there's room for more chemistry. And congrats on reaching and super exceeding on your goals this week, Erin! You're doing great!

    Good luck with the querying and I hope you have a great week!

  7. I just love the excerpt, it made me feel nervous for the characters. I want to read more :)
    Great work this week, I hope next week goes as well for you. Good luck with the querying too!

  8. Your excerpts are always so visceral, Erin. Love this one, especially. I feel exactly what your MC's feeling. And gold star indeed! You did awesome last week. No surprise there. Have a good one, lady!

  9. Oh, and I just noticed that you changed your photo up above. I'm having serious hair envy. :-)

    1. Ha, thanks! I made sure I took the picture before my hair got all frizzy from the damp Maritime weather. ;)

  10. You did amazing this week, Erin! :) And I love what you shared - not only the excerpt, but also your thoughts about your manuscript and putting your characters through difficult times.
    I am crossing everything I can cross for you!

  11. Wow, fantastic work this week! Love your thoughts about hard-won victories and putting your characters through difficulties. I can't write stories where the characters have it easy. ;)

    Good luck with the queries and submissions!

  12. Dang! Nice work on your goals last week. Fingers crossed for your querying endeavors! I really love the excerpt. I didn't think that would be the thought it ended on. It surprised me and I liked it. :D

    Keep up the awesome momentum this week!

  13. I can definitely learn a thing or two about being really mean to my characters- I don't think I challenge them enough.
    Love the excerpt! Have a great week!

  14. Awesome job meeting your goals this week! Wow, that's a lot of writing. I barely parked my bum in my seat to write all week. It was more of a reading week for me. The science-y info thing is partially what's keeping me from jumping in and working on WoN. I feel like such a fraud when I even attempt it. LOL But you're right, shorter is better when it comes to that info. Love the excerpt! It's funny because I never know for certain which of the three books your excerpts come from. ;-)

    Hope this is another great week!

  15. Yay for a gold star! Loved the imagery in your excerpt--I could really picture myself there :). Hope this week is just as productive for you!

  16. Awesome job this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And good luck with the querying!!!

  17. Congratulations on doing so well! It's hard to put our characters through such Sturm und Drang, but it makes for better drama and sweeter happy endings.

  18. Oh my gosh, I love your excerpt! It's just gorgeous. And I love what you wrote about hard won victories. Those are the kind of books worth reading. Congrats on your progress this week! Have another great week. :)

  19. Way to go on goals! Great excerpt with detail.

  20. Awesome job! I love your snippet!

    I'm a huge fan of "character torture." I hit them with everything I've got and keep hitting them until they are down. And then I hit them some more. Only then can they rise up and fight. ;)

  21. *** The more concise the science (or imaginary science), the more room for kissing scenes. You know, the best kind of chemistry. ;)***

    This is my favorite line of your wonderful post! Good news on the goals, great goals for this week...

    And the snippet: It reminds me of my daughter, who, when she was very young (like 2) would say to every passing airplane and helicopter, "Wait for me!"

    She flew for the first time last February, and loved it.

    I hope your character has the chance to fly, too!