Wednesday, 4 March 2015

What's Up Wednesday

In case you’re new to WUW, it’s a blog hop created by my sister Jaime and me, intended to help writers keep in touch with one another. If you’d like to participate, please sign up on the linky below, and be sure to spread some writerly encouragement around to at least a few other people taking part. Also, please remember to link back to our host blogs and/or use one of the WUW buttons. Thanks!

Wish I could join you guys for WUW, but our house is in chaos, and I'm buried under an avalanche of boxes. Not so fun moving fact: We were quoted $0.83/pound for moving our stuff. Just one of our boxes of books weighs around 40 pounds. Not including everything else we own, we have 40 boxes of books. Eek! $0.83 x 40 x 40 = scary. All right, enough headache inducing math and boring moving details. Have a super productive week everyone!


  1. I just got done with a move, so I can feel your pain. :)

  2. Eek, that's uncool about the expenses. Hopefully the chaos settles at least a little!