Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Terrible Titles

Over the last couple of weeks, I’ve been totally cracking up at everyone’s Terrible Titles blog hop posts. Jaime tagged me, and since I couldn’t decide which list I liked better, I decided to post titles from both my WIPs for your enjoyment. In case you haven’t seen this blog hop yet, the idea is that you scroll through your WIP and stop on eight random spots. Whatever phrase you land on becomes one of your terrible titles. Here goes…

This batch is for Envision:

1. Fall Flat On My Butt
2. Away From These Festering Sights
3. I’m Still Decently Covered
4. Living a Life of Crime
5. I Couldn’t Care Less
6. Gonna Stop Touching You Now
7. Nasty Voices In My Head Again
8. It Tastes Better Than It Smells

And these are for Engrave:

1. Like a Bad Hallucination
2. Begging for An X-Rated Joke
3. This Crazy Urge
4. Those Freaking Jellyfish
5. So I Flushed It
6. No Idea How I Got Here
7. Fry Like a Piece of Bacon
8. Don’t Shoot Me!

A few gems in there, but I think I’ll keep the titles I have, thanks. I know a lot of people have already done this blog hop, so if you’re reading this and you’d like to give it a go, consider yourself tagged!


  1. Those are awesome. I may have to tag myself in this.

  2. These are pretty darn funny. I think my favourite for ENVISION is It Tastes Better Than It Smells and my favourite for ENGRAVE is So I Flushed It. This was way too much fun to do, and also kind of makes you realize how pervy certain things sound when taken out of context. I'm sure I don't need to mention that to you as we were snorting at my place while coming up with them. ;-)

  3. I'm Still Decently Covered sounds like it would have an interesting, funny story behind it. :) These are all great!

  4. I totally laughed out loud at #6 for Envision! And #5 for Engrave brings some... uh, potty humor to mind. ;) I did this hop two posts ago on my blog, and it was a lot of fun.

  5. "It Tastes Better Than It Smells" haha, love it!