Friday, 27 June 2014

My Character Bloghop

I’ve been tagged by Cole in the My Character Bloghop, which means I get to share a few details about my main character with you. I’ve never really talked much about Naia on my blog, so it’s kind of exciting to introduce her. Thanks for tagging me, Cole!

I’ve mentioned many times that I’m currently writing sci-fi (with elements of cyberpunk), but while my trilogy (Envision, Engrave, and Enlighten) revolves around technology and I’ve tried to construct an intriguing plot, I’d have to say the characters are really the driving force in my story. Naia is the stubborn character that lodged herself in my head and refused to leave, which is why I’m getting ready to draft a third book about her in the next little while.

So here’s a bit about her…

1. Naia wants to be a photojournalist and to travel the world. While she loves photography and has an eye for spotting rare fragments of beauty in her urban surroundings, this is also a means of escaping her current life.

2. Since her mother’s death, her father has neglected her, devoting himself entirely to his work as a neurotechnologist and leaving Naia to cope on her own.

3. Like many people in 2043, Naia has a Port in her neck. Ports are implants that digitally enhance human minds, giving them all the capabilities and convenience of a computer. This is how she listens to music, watches TV, surfs the net, etc. Her dad is the scientist who invented the Ports.

4. After witnessing her dad’s murder, Naia ends up on the run and with a target on her back. Good thing she’s smart, feisty, and used to fending for herself.

5. She’s willing to sacrifice for those she loves and to make things right again, even if that means giving up her happiness or her life.

The song that best sums up my character would be Open Your Eyes by Snow Patrol, which is also quite possibly my favourite song ever. I've had the opportunity to see Snow Patrol perform it live, which was incredible:

It’s hard to sum Naia up in only five points, as it would be with most main characters, but that’s at least a little glimpse of who I spend hours of my time with lately. Hope you enjoyed making her acquaintance!

And now, I’m tagging my sister, Jaime. I know, big surprise, right? 


  1. YOUR BOOK SOUNDS AMAZING! I VOLUNTEER AS BETA! :D And you're right - your number 2 makes Ed and Naia very similar.

    Excellent song choice.

    1. Thanks, Cole! I'd love to hear your opinion on ENVISION, so if you're up for beta reading that would be awesome! And likewise, I'm more than willing to beta for you as well. I think Naia and Ed need to start their own support group. :P

  2. I almost missed your post! I just happened to notice it in my feed. I can definitely attest to the fact that while this story has a great plot, you've really nailed the compelling characters aspect of it. It's about so much more than what is happening to the characters. I love Naia, Evan, and, of course, Brodie to bits. I'm not sure when I'll have my post up, but it will likely be Tuesday. Thanks for the tag! :D

    1. Thanks so much! That's a huge compliment because for me the characters are the heart of the story, and I aimed to make them seem real and hoped people would feel a connection to them. Tuesday sounds like a good day to sneak your post in, right between RSW and WUW. :)

  3. Can I borrow Naia? I've been wanting to take a family pic in front of this really pretty public garden, but didn't know who I could get to snap it for us. I mean, if she's on the run, where better to go than Smalltown U.S.A.? Lol! ;)

  4. Naia's such a pretty name, and it sounds like the poor girl has a lot going on!

  5. Naia sounds like a great character. I love that you're writing cyberpunk. I haven't read much--mostly short stories by friends--but it's such an intriguing idea and definitely seems the direction we're headed now.