Friday, 11 January 2013

Nerd Alert

Like just about everyone else who writes these days, I have a playlist for my WIP. Mostly it includes songs by Snow Patrol, Florence and the Machine, and Imagine Dragons. Not a big surprise considering all three of these groups are fairly popular.

Usually, I listen to a couple songs to get me in the right frame of mind for writing a particular scene, but when I settle in to do the actual work, I prefer not to listen to anything with lyrics. I find it hard to sort out my own words when someone else’s are blaring in my ears.

That’s where the Tron soundtracks come in handy in all their electronic glory, especially Tron Legacy Reconfigured, the remix album. I fully admit to being a big Tron nerd.  Like probably worse than this:

And yes, I own a Tron shirt. Actually, it’s in the mail right now. (Yay!) Sheldon would approve. And so would Tron Guy:

If you don’t know who he is, I won’t waste your time explaining. Let’s just say he brings Tron obsession to a whole new level and was apparently banned from theatres. I’ll proudly wear a Tron t-shirt, but I draw the line at the helmet and glowing spandex.

Anyway, my WIP is sci-fi, so what better to listen to for inspiration than sci-fi music? That being said, I’m ridiculously excited that the Tron: Uprising soundtrack came out on Tuesday:

In case you aren’t familiar, Tron: Uprising is a cartoon series that takes place between the original Tron and Tron: Legacy. And if you weren’t familiar, you probably really didn’t care, but now you know. Elijah Wood does the voice of the main character, Beck. Since he also played Frodo Baggins, I’m pretty sure that makes him a bigger nerd than I could ever hope to be.

So instead of getting distracted by lyrics while I write, I get distracted by the urge to dance, which is really bad, because I can’t dance. Not even a little.

Is there anything weird or wonderful on your playlist?


  1. I really need to watch TRON again sometime. I fell asleep somewhere around the middle, but I don't think it was because the movie was boring or anything. I'm not sure I really even know what the soundtrack sounds like. I think I've heard it in your car, but I'm not sure.

    I'm trying to think if there's anything weird on my playlist... I don't think so. There's certainly a lot of wonderful though: Florence + the Machine, Imogen Heap, Snow Patrol, Imagine Dragons, The Lumineers, Mumford & Sons, Taylor Swift... :)

    1. Yeah, we did play the soundtrack a lot in the car around the time you were still living here. The funny thing is Trev actually bought the remix album by mistake thinking it was the actual soundtrack, and we probably listen to it the most.

      As for the wonderful music I listen to, I have you to thank for introducing me to some of it. When you played "Demons" by Imagine Dragons for me and said that it reminded you of my WIP, that was a defining moment for me. :)

  2. My current playlist is a lot of metal/hard rock. 'Heavy' by Collective Soul is the unofficial theme song for the current WiP. I play it almost every morning. My husband thinks I'm crazy, lol.

    1. Nice! Love that song! We're Collective Soul fans in my house. Tell your husband you're definitely not crazy :)

      My official theme song for my WIP would be "Demons" by Imagine Dragons. Great lyrics and sound for my story.

  3. I'm going to have to admit I haven't seen any Tron--old, new, none of it. This is probably something I should remedy. I listen to a lot of Mumford and Sons for my current WIP. I guess Americana fits Civil War era. Unlike you, I do prefer lyrics when I write. :)

    1. The original Tron is pretty cheesy by today's standards, but still fun. I read the book a couple years ago and enjoyed it too. I can see why you'd listen to Mumford and Sons for your WIP. All that banjo is definitely fitting for a Civil War era story, not to mention they're just good. :)